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Chantelle Lockhart also known as “Yorkshire’s Angel” is one of the leading mediums in the UK. Working in association with Buzz and Gala Bingos nationally and endorsed by the renown media group Yorkshire Evening Post. She is currently taking her mediumship into theatres, venues and establishments throughout the country.

As Chantelle realized an overwhelming need for more professional and responsible levels of mediumship, she founded the highly acclaimed Chantelle Lockhart events and Psychic lounges. People often ask “How or Why did she start?” The answer is simple… It was her calling. As a child her abilities were present and known among family members and upon the passing of her beloved grandad, her abilities heightened and an amazing awareness to the spirit world ensued.










Once realizing her potential, the pursuit of knowledge and understanding began. Her journey includes taking on the religion of spiritualism and serving churches as an associated SNU platform medium.

Helping others has always been her nature, bringing comfort to those who are grieving and helping those searching for life’s answers.

Coming from a very abusive and dysfunctional background Chantelle, despite the odds, radiates empathy, kindness and a calming aura. Her dedication and passion has reached levels only achievable by someone who has experienced such a varied and cruel past. Standing out from the crowd was never intentional, however bringing forward messages on stage, connected to such infamous people as “The cross bow cannibal Steve Griffiths”, “Dr Death”, “Harold Shipman”, “Jack the Ripper” and “Jimmy Saville” just to name a few. She has also done readings for multiple celebrities (which must remain confidential) which highlighted her ability and elevated it beyond belief.

Never satisfied with just giving messages to her audiences, she always strives to give emotional connections too. Her understanding of the spirit world and psychic realms is evident from the depths of information and specific detailing, which are matched by overwhelming responses from audiences and sitters alike.

“Each day I am a mum to Aston and wife to Robert and every night I am the voice of the spirit world”


Chantelle wholeheartedly thanks her family and friends that enrich her life, from holidays abroad to the beaches at the east coast, each day making memories to treasure. Laughter, travel and music all play a huge part in maintaining positivity, enabling Chantelle to continue her work with the compassion and dedication that’s needed.

Time after time Chantelle gets asked for the lottery numbers or football results etc. However, it’s the time that she was on the rostrum at a church so engrossed in her link that she brought forward a very elderly gent that wanted to pass on a message to his very lovely elderly wife in the audience. After passing across evidence his parting message was “Mary, the bush needs a trim” to which the audience erupted into laughter as she replied “Yes Harry, did it last week” Bless her. She was promptly told by the president that in future, she should say that the shrubbery needs pruning. Much to the amusement of the congregation.

“My spirit work gives me elation and often heartbreak as no two messages are ever the same. This is me and my wonderful life as Chantelle Lockhart Medium”







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