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During our sitting I attune to the spirit world to connect you to your loved ones. Each reading is tailored to suit your requirements and aims to cover psychical descriptions, appearance, mannerisms, personality traits.

Some psychic aspects may also form part of the reading. During this I shall discuss your life and  events surrounding you, using tools such as Psycards. This often helps the sitter receive clarity on situations around them. The sitter must always remember that readings are to be used as a guide only and freewill will always influence the outcome of any decisions made. 


Covering emotional topics we expect varied responses maybe tears , sadness or quite often laughter this is quite normal within a sitting. As a medium I am here to bring reassurance , comfort and guidance ensuring complete confidentiality always.

Types of Bookings/Readings Available

Single One-to-One - Only yourself and I will be part of the reading

Family Readings - Ideal if your family want a group booking to hear from the same loved ones

Group Bookings - Can be individual or readings can be heard by the group (Everyone involved receives a message)

Mediumship Readings - I connect you with your loved ones in the world of spirit

Psychic Readings - I connect to you psychically to discuss aspects of your life both present and future using tools such as cards

Psychometry Readings - You bring an item belonging to your loved one and I connect to that person

Board Readings - I connect you to your loved ones using an angel board. 

Preparing For Your Reading

When booking your reading think about what you want from it. Most readings will contain both mediumship and psychic aspects. If you want to specifically hear from your loved ones please request a mediumship reading. If you specifically want to know about your life and what is happening around you please request a psychic reading. Alternatively you may want to specify a reading from the above choices.

Please arrive with an open mind and positive outlook. A calm comfortable relaxed environment is often the best way to create a good energy and atmosphere.


Questions or concerns can be openly addressed at the start of your reading. Any further thoughts regarding your reading can be discussed before completing your session


All readings cost £35 per person

1-2 People: At my home in Normanton - Daytime Only

2-6 People: Home Visit - Daytime/Evenings/Weekends

Individual Online/Telephone: Facetime, messenger, email or telephone reading - Tues/Thurs 10am-8pm

Group Online Reading: Facetime Reading - Tues/Thurs 10am-8pm

To Book

To book an individual online reading/telephone readings please Click here

For all other readings please contact us through the website Click Here

Due to high demand please have patience as we process your booking request and appointments. If you would like to pay a deposit to secure the next available slot I have free, please CLICK HERE and contact me stating you have done this. I will then tell you my NEXT available booking slot, as there is a large waiting list this will give you the option for a cancellation appointment.


Cancellations must be at least 48 hours prior otherwise deposit will be lost 







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