Reveal A

This New Year sees a fresh outlook on stale issues

A renewed sense of purpose seems to flow through you.

It’s time .. time for you to put yourself first

Not in anger or frustration but out of love

You deserve to be the centre of your own world for a while

Make this year count x x

Reveal B

It takes 2 to tango..

Last year it seems you ran into a fair few obstacles, people and things that challenged you.

What you may not realise is that on some level you let this happen

This New Year is about being responsible for your actions and taking onboard the consequences

Brushing off the past and making clear your future goals x

Wishing you the best on your journey x

Reveal C

Too little too late

That seems to be the sum up of last year

People hurt you wether on purpose or through incident and it’s taken toll on you

It may take you a while to recover and learn to move on but use the energy of a New Year to boost your strength

Is it too late for someone to say sorry ?

Maybe a rethink of situations will give a clearer outlook.

Make this year a happy one x

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