Image Reveal A

I feel recently you may have been feeling slightly different to usual , maybe you have decided not to tow the line any more and just maybe you are ready to stand up for what you believe

Feeling delicate and not wanting confrontation is ok but remain strong and dedicated to what you believe

It feels you are about to contrast the usual you and it will feel good

Upliftment is coming your way in gentle waves

Watch out for the 15th Dec it should bring news to you x

Don’t allow your beauty inside to be overshadowed by losing focus

X x x

Image Reveal B

You are open and ready to embrace all the good things life can offer , your vibrancy is infectious and the amazing thing is you freely share with others

Just watch as you are pushed to the forefront almost taking the brunt of a situation

However just know you are more than capable of dealing with it👌

This image radiates the power colour pink which I feel you should harness and embrace to feel empowered

Maybe in the past you have chose to stay in the background

But now this image says you are ready be front and centre and be noticed for the truly beautiful person you are x x

Image Reveal C

Oooo this beautiful image brings forward an issue in communication , maybe someone is not listening and the right thing to do before despairing is to make sure you are crystal clear on what your trying to say

Then if they choose to ignore you have your answer

Coming into focus is the reality of a situation that needs your upmost attention

Once addressed a calmness will evolve and normality will return

You are strong so now just be clear x x

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