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Flying high you know how it feels 🤓

What a wonder feeling to face your fears and do it anyway

Maybe this week is about just doing that!

Aim high with your dreams and desires and embrace that feeling of nervous excitement

Be daring , and enjoy the results x x

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We are sailing , cross life’s ocean ..

This week sees some wind in your sails , a really whoosh of energy to get things moving.

Admire all that you have achieved and is still yet to come. Find some time for your self to enjoy even 10 minutes freedom from the normal routine

You deserve it x

Image Reveal C

All by myself ...

This week feels like times have been a little lonely

Maybe even health hasn’t felt great ?

Try a little healing for yourself

Your soul is tired and your aura drained

A replenish is needed and can be achieved by pacing yourself

Taking time to think about the real reasons the loneliness hits hard or your health seems to suffer

And then take positive steps to re correct

X x

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