Psychic Reading Reveal 13.05.19

Image Reveal A

This week feels like it will be full of reflective thoughts

A deep healing needs to occur so you can find your way again

Maybe you feel like your world was upside down ?

Or maybe you need a new perspective altogether

A warmness needs to replace the fear and hurt you hold

This will happen if believe in yourself and let the healing begin

Image Reveal B

This week feels like there is a lot for you to contemplate

It’s a dreamy thinking time for you

The beautiful colours indicate its time for that important communication with someone

And that spirit will be present

Plans for future will be made this week even if you don’t realise it yet

Breathe and let nature take it course

Image Reveal C

This week feels great for finding a direction , and navigating your way through what seems like mind fog

Carrying a heavy heart makes progress near impossible

So why not take the time to unburden yourself or maybe make peace with your current situation

With the morning dawn comes light

Take the light and surround yourself in it

Better times will come x x

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