Image Reveal A

Let’s sit a while and dream a little dream ... this peaceful and beautiful image sets the scene for remembering days past

Sitting here closing your eyes and allowing your spirit loved ones to draw close is definitely what you need right now

Those calming moments with someone you care for deeply should help you feel there presence

Knowing in your heart of hearts they are only a thought away ❤️

Capture the moment and hold it in your heart forever x x

Allow yourself to feel loved x x

Image Reveal B

Are you like me feeling on the road to nowhere ?

Maybe if we rub our eyes and look again we can imagine what magnificent moments lay ahead

Sure it might seem like an uphill struggle but I know it will be worth the effort in the end

It’s ok to pause a while catch your breath and re evaluate your situation

What’s not ok is giving up !

Stay with me and keep pushing forward focusing on your hopes and dreams

And one day they may come true x x

Image Reveal C

Gosh there’s been so much upheaval and turmoil around you

You must feel like it’s time for peace

Those clouds can’t stay above you forever

Going around in circles is getting you no where

A more gentle yet direct approach is needed

Get in your mind your plan and wait patiently for these storms to pass and clear the way to your future happiness

Create your own bliss and harmony

But stay firm in your convictions

You will be tested but will always prevail

Calm before the storm my friend x x x

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