Image Reveal A

Such a breath taking image has to surely serve as life’s wake up call

A revalation is heading your way

It’s time to reap the rewards of all the emotional hard work you have had put in recently

A clearer vision is needed , and once embraced you feel on top of the world

Sometimes the path has felt lonely but surely now you see the reasons why

Some people just aren’t made for taking risks but if you can the results can be astonishing

Take a look at the dark past and they focus on the light

It’s time to stand proud and enjoy your time in spirits spot light

Image Reveal B

It seems you having been awaiting your calling , sat patiently awaiting direction and focus

Sometimes we need guidance almost pushing upon us as we want change but are scared of it

This image suggests you pause a while and take stock of your life at present

Then think what would make it feel whole , peaceful nourished ?

What element is your life missing that you seek to find ?

Then once you open your eyes you may just realise it’s all within reach

Create your our life path the struggles are worth it x x

Image Reveal C

Wowzers what’s the rush ?

Too fast too furious

It’s evident that your life is explosive at the min , not knowing what to do or when to do it

But even through the chaos there can be chances of new beginnings

A chance to grow despite all that surrounds you

Maybe it’s time to press refresh and wash away negative thoughts and patterns

And replace them with a direction and firm foundations

Sometimes being part of drama is appealing and we caught up in it

But it leaves us depleted and worthless

Use this message to step away from the fast pace and slow your life down to a more manageable pace x x

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