Psychic Reading Reveal 29.04.19

Image Reveal A

Head in the clouds daydreaming away ... If only 😞

It seems that your troubles feel insurmountable at the moment

The only way to deal with current situations is to rise above them

Don’t feel put off by the challenge that lays ahead

Maybe your future goals are not clear but raise your game and see everything from a different perspective

Your need to feel good comes above those who stop that happening

Gain some perspective and learn to enjoy the challenge

Image Reveal B

This image is so spiritual and signifies the beauty of light in a dark world

It’s serene feel is marred by the shadow of negativity

The dark sense of low mood that takes you away from the light hearted mind you seek

Don’t worry , allow this dark to give you something to measure the good against

You are entering a radiant time of spiritual upliftment

Let it embody you , allow spirit to revive your weary soul

It’s time to accept the good into your life

You deserve it x x

Image Reveal C

Life seems a little upside down of late and someone has pushed your limits right to the edge

What’s best to do now is observe the view ...

The edge so to speak is a pivotal point in which life decisions are made

Try to find the peace of mind you deserve

You are not lost you are now found

Soon you will have an advantage over people that concern you

Because you will know yourself , you will be able to reconnect to your soul and have faith in your decisions

Stand by your self and stand proud

In this you will appreciate a new found strength

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