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The burdens and stress that is present in today’s world takes some getting used to

Life seems to become cluttered and unclear

Maybe it’s time for clarity and to this maybe simplify all that surrounds you

Work health personal life shouldn’t be a struggle

It should flow naturally

Passion and intuition should be our guide

But the main message is a simpler life x x

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It may take time to rebuild what you feel has been taking away

Bit by bit a day at a time will help you become whole again

Try dusting off the cobwebs and remembering that even though doors have been closed to you in the past it’s worth another go to try to open those that mean the most

To you

Tried and tested routes are familiar to you but maybe this week try thinking outside the box

It’s what is needed at this time x x

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Finally starting to see the light after what seems the longest journey will seem like the news you have been waiting for

Embrace what comes your way

It’s time to allow the happiness of yourself to come first

Reflect on past mistakes and learn from them

A new way of thinking and a determined effort will make your life yours again

Take on some fresh air good times are within reach x x

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