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Image Reveal A

This image reminds us to be graceful in all situations even when the bigger picture is not yet clear

A sense of keeping calm and professional At all times

Watch out where a situation from the past rears its head and your buttons are pushed

Remain dignified and you have already won

Reflecting on issues won’t solve them

But being productive or moving yourself away from negativity will

Have faith in the real you x x

Image Reveal B

There is always a lifeline if you look hard enough

sometimes you may feel lost and lonely and far away from the path you wanted

But tommorrow is another day and you should look out for new opportunities that come your way

Every day brings hope not just challenges

See yourself not as lonely but as a unique individual that needs space in which to pool your creative spark

Keep your dreams afloat and look for the life line given

Image Reveal C

How the mighty fall

This image reminds us that once we overcome hurdles it’s no good to let it think we are better than others

They say pride comes before a fall

Those who ride high at the expense of others are using them as stepping stones

Don’t become a stepping stone unless it’s your choice to give that person a helping hand

Personal responsibility is for every one ,

To be confident in your own right is achievable and to be seen for who you really are

Shine bright but never by keeping others in the dark x x

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