Image Reveal A

It’s time to breathe in some fresh air and take the direct route to solving issues

You will do much better if you address the problems head on

A lot of thought seems to be going into future plans

And eventually you will see the blue skies ahead

Only a couple of hurdles remain before your path feels clear to explore new possibilities

New beginnings and a fresh prospective are on the way

This image has a strong positive feel

Image Reveal B

Calm and soothing thoughts are needed around you

Take the time to rest and enjoy your accomplishments

You are made of strong stuff that’s been moulded with time and experience

You should be proud of how far you have come

And you should really be looking forward to the adventures that lay ahead

You are where you are meant to be when you are meant to be x x

Image Reveal C

So much to do so many decisions to make and all with a mind that seems to not want to make those important decisions

Not knowing which way to turn can be confusing

However forward is always the best

Keep going no matter what

Life can have challenges or adventures depending on your frame of mind

Taking advice from someone who has experience will benefit you at present

Look for the light that guides you to where you are meant to be

Trust you are not alone

Have faith and have trust in yourself

You can do this x x

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