Image Reveal A

This image represents a passion for life that’s waining

A real sense of deflation has been present

However I can see a clearer picture forming right before you

Be observant and take care to enjoy the simpler things and allow the verve for all things great to evolve around you

Watch around a chest issue with yourself or a family member

Health needs to be a priority

Image Reveal B

Take a close look at your activities lately , have you been following direction or freely taking your own path ?

Eyes are watching you adding pressure that really you don’t need

Sometimes it’s ok to take a detour as long as you enjoy the journey

An uplifting mood makes you the perfect person to be around right now 😎

Continue to enjoy every minute of your day ... you deserve it

Image Reveal C

Pure of heart and pure of mind

That is you right now

A lovely feeling of spiritual calm is present

A sense of belonging and understanding your soul purpose

Shall we gather at the river is a song which I can hear whilst writing this

I feel it encourages you to keep socialising and being part of the whole x x

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