Psychic Reveal 20.05.19

Image Reveal A

This week feels like it will hold some answers for you

It seems your thoughts have been here there and every where

Sometimes it’s ok not to plan

Maybe go where ever life takes you

See what happens when you allow yourself to be influenced by simply letting go of trying to control everything x

Beautiful things may happen if you trust your instincts x x

Image Reveal B

Goodness me hang on in there and weather that storm

This could be the perfect example of turning a negative into a positive

After the rain comes a puddle

Just what you need to make a splash

In life we need good and not do good experiences that serve as life lessons

I feel you are going through a situation right now

See the rain as refreshing , washing away any cobwebs that have held you back

Use the beautiful orange to shield yourself and prevent low mood

You have got this !

All that’s left is for you to set your mind and see it through x x

Image Reveal C

Some days we are aware of Spirit more than others

And I feel that it’s sometimes the small signs we miss

Maybe our loved ones favourite flower , or when the song that reminds us of them comes on

Is it coincidence or is it a sign they are close

Looking at this image I feel you are in need of reassurance and have maybe being feeling a little insignificant of late

Please take comfort from knowing they are aware of you present circumstances and they surround you with there ever guiding presence

Bring into focus what’s important and have the passion and energy to do what you feel is required x x

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