Psychic Reveal 24.06.19

Image Reveal A

This is such a soothing image it resonates a sense of someone lost in time and space

A real floaty mind that is trying to find peace in a crazy world

A time of calm reflection as to what makes you tick is present

It’s now that you can find the answers to inner peace and serenity

The yellow present signifies upliftment

The pinks a maternal deep love that’s needs peace bringing to a hurt heart

Use this image and time to allow healing around you

It’s time to embrace the future

Image Reveal B

This image tells me that at present your emotions are up and down and your temper seems to spike from nowhere

Down times can be agonisingly frustrating if you feel like you don’t have the energy to pull through

Please try to understand that anger is so draining in its self

Try to eek out the positive in every day , trust that your instincts and spirit will guide you to a peaceful resolution

These times will pass so try to keep a civil tongue because once things are said it’s hard to take them back x

Image Reveal C

This image makes a statement

That calmer more secure times lay ahead

Keep up the momentum you have built , every ones life ebb and flows but you have picked up pace and all that remains is for you to say how you feel

Travel and movement will become something to discuss , maybe a holiday by boat or train ?

Keeping your options open is a must as a compromise may have to be reached

Keep calm and carry on x

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