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Image Reveal A

Here’s saying well done to achieving some of the things you set out to do

Even though you feel like you have gone through tough times alone

Now your next milestone is to be happy in your own company

To stop the noise in your head and be on the calm

The future is further away than ever if you can’t learn the appreciate the now

Not all your hurdles are over but the struggle within you can be overcome

Image Reveal B

To feel the sun or your face , the sand under your feet and a cool breeze from the sea is just what you need , even if it is only in mediation

The ebb and flow of life is normal and once you realign your heart and mind your energy will start to replenish

Warm and mellow colours are around you healing you to feel a little more secure

Take your mind for a well deserved day at the beach and let your negative thoughts be washed away whilst positive ones return

It’s the way it’s meant to be x x

Image Reveal C

Quite the independent person yet sometimes the loneliness that brings can hurt even the toughest amongst us

Sometimes we all need to know we are loved and respected and more than anything appreciated

It gives us the will to go above and beyond in circumstances

I know you have grown as a person despite the odds being against you

But now embrace the fact you are able to be someone else’s safe place , where a weary soul can take a rest and feel safe in the knowledge that they too can come through tough times and find there inner peace

You should feel proud of what you have become x x

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