Image Reveal A

This image tells me that despite trying to enjoy your life there seems to be times were you feel an awkwardness maybe not fitting in

With people around you

My suggestion is don’t try

Enjoy being your different self

Dare to enjoy different things

Life is about being happy

Bring some colour in too

A bright vibrant colour will be uplifting energies your way x

Image Reveal B

Standing up for what you believe can be tricky but bring your goals into vision and focus intent on making them happen

New beginnings feel positive around you

A lot of love too

It seems you are a source of help to others and you take pride in that

Stay positive in a crazy world and half the battle is done x

Image Reveal C

Bleak times have hampered you of late and finding a way through seemed hard

But even in our darkest times usually there is hope and I feel that’s what will get you through

A burst of spirit energy is present helping with the transformation needed

It won’t be long before you can let your imagination take flight again

And perhaps fulfil some of the dreams you have x x

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