Poetry by Chantelle Lockhart

Please note this poem contains sensitive content 😢

Family are waiting

Anticipating the day

That spirit will come forward

And lead me heavens way

I see there sad faces

Tears streaming from there eyes

I know it’s only polite

They come to say goodbye

The whispers are never ending

Why don’t they talk to me

I’m more aware than they think

I know soon il be set free

It’s hard to know the hurt

That they will feel once I’m gone

That’s why I’m still here

I was asked to just hold on

But can you let me go now

I’m tired and need the rest

And you no il be safe and loved

My Spirit family are the best

I really think it’s time

To say our last goodbyes

Then il be released and free

To fly to eternal skies

So hold my hand really tightly

Whilst my last earthly breath

Then you know I’m with you

Even after material death

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