Image A - Open Gate

If you chose this image I feel you are ready to reap the rewards of all your hard work. I feel you have been building up to this point with so much determination because you knew one day all your hard work was going to pay off.

I know it hasn’t been an easy ride; late nights, missing events, nights out with friends and that much needed ‘you’ time that has been desperately needed, and at times you asked if it was all worth it?

You can now see why you carried on and why you took the chances you did, everything is beginning to fall into place, you just need to take the final steps on your path to begin to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Image B - Bridge

If you picked image B I feel you need to take some time to reflect on a situation. I feel there has been a disagreement where you are struggling to see the point of view of another. Sometimes we need to put our selves in the other persons shoes and think about how it looks from their point of view. If you see the number 6, and from where they’re standing they see the number 9, who is right and wrong? You need to remember everyone had their own opinion and sometimes we just have to accept that we won’t always agree. We have to let others make their own mistakes to enable them to grow and learn from them. We just have to remember that life’s too short for silly arguments burn the bridges and bring a little more peace into your life.

Image C - Flowers path

If you chose path C, I feel that you appear to have a wonderful idyllic life on the surface, but I feel there are some underlying doubts that you feel you can’t really share.

With this path I feel an incredibly heavy heart. I feel there is a situation where you can’t decide what to do. You could continue on the path you are currently on, but then the ‘what if’s’ start to surface. I feel the security and familiarity you have around you is what’s stopping you from taking a leap of faith, but the freedom and the excitement of something new is something you crave..

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