Image Reveal A This week try being in sync with nature Allow yourself to breathe in fresh air and feel free But don’t be lonely Try to mingle and socialise you are missed by family and friends alike You are a great inspiration to all around you Maybe find a group of like minded people to share your thoughts with You will enjoy been part of a bigger picture x Image Reveal B Bluebells remind us of childhood memories , walking through magical woods letting our imagination come into play However not all past memories are happy or good Maybe this week will bring up some issues that need to be dealt with Your ready you can do this Communication is key Talk things through and air out your thoughts and feelings Allow the healing process to begin x x Image Reveal C Times have been hard and trying to keep your head above water is proving tricky However this week keep your head held high and remember to make a firm foundation to grow from Sometimes we need to be contained in order to receive the time and nurture in order to grow So maybe you have been on pause awhile However it’s your choice to stay there or move on x x

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