Card Reveal A

Sometimes we wait for that lucky break or for good luck to finally be ours , and yet it never seems to happen

This card sees a turn in the tide of fortune

It may not be in the way you wanted but I will be the way you need

Good fortune comes in various ways not just material but emotional

Hang on in there and count your blessings x

Card Reveal B

This very Spiritual card is a message of hope and love from our Spirit loved ones

They are at peace and watching us live our everyday lives

Maybe you have asked for a sign

Always check the little things , that brush of energy on your cheek , the feeling of peace , the white feather that falls close to you .

Each one a gentle reminder that you are in there thoughts too x

Card Reveal C

Feeling a little weary and emotionally drained ?

Give yourself a little YOU time , maybe read a book or meditate

You need to plug back in to the source.

It seems you have felt disconnected and this takes your energy low.

Recharge , and then start again refreshed

Remember every one needs peace of mind , take the time to find yours x x

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