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Time for a little tenderness ....

Take a look back at photos of holidays past and recreate them lovely memories.

Make plans to turn dreams into reality.

Where will your next destination be ?

You deserve it after all the emotional stresses of late.

The imagination is powerful and can elevate your mood.

Keeping you upbeat is a must. Use any means possible x x

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Allow yourself to bloom and radiate , you deserve a big Pat on the back for just getting through a tough few months.

It seems you are halfway to being yourself again.

Wear some bright colours even add a dash of your best perfume and remind yourself you are worth it.

Watch for news that at first seems untrue , on closer inspection it might just be what you need to hear x x

Image Reveal C

Dream a little dream

Your head seems to have been in the clouds of late

Not able to concentrate or focus on the here and now.

You need to prioritise and get your mind to relate to all things present.

Ask yourself what is causing this distraction

Maybe work , love life , children ?

Pop on a favourite tune and sing your heart out , maybe a reminder of happier more positive times

And then stick with that feeling x

Learn to put yourself first x x

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