Image Reveal A

Take a deep breath relax your shoulders and absorb all that’s good in life , this is your time to take a back seat and observe life from a different perspective

With the amount of life lessons you have had to learn you deserve to just press the PAUSE button

Reflecting on memories of times gone by in a positive manner and learning from them should make today’s problems seem a breeze to get through

You have withstood the tests of time and can still manage to see good in people x

That in its self is an achievement

See the beauty in simplicity and as the day closes give yourself a pat on the back and no you have much to look forward to x

Image Reveal B

Life seems like a blur at the moment and as much as you try to focus on the future you seem to get distracted

Every now and again you feel clarity enter the mind but then either fear of making the right decision or ignore the sign that’s been given

It seems like you are at a vulnerable point in life and are looking for reasons that show the sacrifice you made are worth while

Well only you will no that answer

The key is to slow down take stock of the here and now and then make tommorrow count x x

Reveal Image C

Oooooo this image means that you need to take a full on approach and look forward to what waits ahead

Your done with being second best and now you should rightfully start putting yourself first

The past is behind you the present is in motion the future awaits

Don’t ever feel that going back to basics is a wrong step

It will serve to strengthen your foundation and help you stand proud of further achievements

You will start to feel empowered once you own your power x x

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