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This weeks sees true feelings coming to the surface, There is no point trying to hide emotions that are troubling you.

The clutter that we allow our mind to collect is detrimental to our well being.

Have a mental clear out !

Write down all your hurts and worries

Then throw them away , both psychically and mentally.

Then all thats left is a clear mind to focus positive attention on x x

Give it a try it’s enlightening

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As a new day dawns and the winter sun lights the sky it feels like time for a refresh !!!

Maybe you feel like a brisk walk or maybe treat yourself to a massage

Get your mind and body working together in harmony.

There’s no time like the present to get a perspective on what life in the here and now is all about.

Let Autumn help you to let go of what holds you back

And bring the promise of what’s yet to come x

Now is the time to make plans and set goals

Aim high you can do this✔️

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This week,

maybe you have come to the feeling that you are just tired

Both psychically and emotionally

Well how about pausing a while and allowing yourself a week of reflection and self motivation

Put on the kettle and enjoy your home and surroundings

Life passes by so fast that sometimes it’s nice to just Pause .....

There’s a richness in your life that you need to take the time to notice ...

Breath in the fresh crisp air and then make

mellow moments to treasure.

Enjoy x

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