Image Reveal A Rockin Robin Such a beautiful and spiritual bird , Choosing the Robin indicates that you know spirit are around you. There is a real sense of coming home with this image Maybe you are awaiting news or simply have a situation around you that makes you feel like you need to know that you are safe and secure in some way. The Robin brings a sense of safety warmth and familiarity Know within you that spirit loved ones guide your path x Image Reveal B Small but mighty . How great thou art 😇 This bird brings forward a sense of empowerment for you at this time Maybe your not as insignificant as you were lead to believe ? Face your challenges head on and stand your ground until you actually believe in yourself again You being so much upliftment to people around that is time to realise your own dreams and aspirations. Stay strong your time is here x Image Reveal C Shaking off winter and trying to come to terms that Christmas is over and a new year has begun seems to be taking its toll Tiredness and low mood can often follow the elation of celebrations or maybe things didn’t go as you would of wanted Don’t discount yourself , Be counted , join in and socialise Grab some fresh air and remind yourself there is a place for every one in this world .... All you need is guiding to yours , Spirit are around you x x

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