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This week watch where Spirit communication is present .. There are many lovely things to be grateful for however grief shadows most things for you.

Even those of us that think we are managing and learning to live with the knowledge our loved ones are at peace hold hurt some where inside

This butterfly brings a message from a spirit loved one saying they are present and to listen careful

They will let you hear them x

Image Reveal B

An element of frustrated anger seems present this week

Perhaps tempers are boiling over and it’s time to take a step back and access the situation

Peace is the key word

Feel it know it and show it

Anger takes away energy and you need yours

Someone has plugged into your mains and is draining your life force

Choose peace instead of anger and regain your power x

Image Reveal C

This week sees a quiet you emerge

Maybe some thinking time and evaluating is needed

Usually a busy bee and now being grounded will help you to see the bigger picture

An easier way to a clearer future

Pause a while allow your gut intuition to guide you

Upliftment is so important whilst you take the transition

Do something that makes you feel proud of yourself

Enjoy the here and now

Your Spirit journey starts again soon

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