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Sometimes you need to look beyond what you see .

This week will see a few grey areas arise to be sorted ... Make sure to be on your A game and not leave anything to chance.

Your passionate side wants to rush in and help everyone but just for this week take a step back !

This way you may see clearly who keeps your confidences and who only needs you when it suits them x

Image Reveal B

This week it seems you will be filled with hope and expectations ... Your inner self will push your boundaries to pursue what lights you up inside.

Almost like an awakening you will be filled with renewed optimism for your future x x

Image Reveal C

This week it seems your mind has been a little hazy , like you are waiting for the mist to clear ... sometimes it’s nice to enjoy the hazy sunset and rise

It gives an almost euphoric feeling , and we all could use that right now .

It’s ok that you don’t know what tomorrow brings that way you create your own journey x

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