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If you picked this card then, wow what a journey your life has been already. I feel I'm sitting on a rollercoaster with this card but not always enjoying the ride, with every up there's a down and with every down there's an up. I feel life moves quite quickly sometimes for you and it's important every now and then to take a step back, slow things down and assess your surroundings, when we are so focussed on our goals and moving forward with things we can miss the simpler things around us that often have the greatest meaning. Go outside take a big breath of that fresh air and you'll be ready to go again x

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This card makes me feel that you've not had the best of times lately, some days we can all just feel like nothing is going our way and it can be difficult to change how we feel when we think the whole world is against us. Life's not always plain sailing and sometimes we need the storm to remind us how strong we actually are. Sometimes we can feel like we are paddling as fast as we can just to stay afloat, and this feeling can be tiring but eventually the storm will pass and the clouds will make way for the beautiful warmth of the sun, a new day, a new beginning x

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This card is a very spiritual feeling card for me and I feel i have to remind you to listen to your inner self when looking for the answers to your questions. I feel you have some decisions to make and at the moment your not quite sure which direction you are going to take, something's in life require a little hard work and dedication but I'm sure if it's really meant to be you will find the strength within you and you will be guided with the support of your loved ones both on this earth and in spirit x

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