Image Reveal A

This week should see some settling behaviour from yourself and those around you.

Time to relax and unwind as the tones of orange serve to uplift your auric field.

Take a nice deep breath and accept positivity into your life.

Look at the endless possibilities that await you.

Life can be good if you let it x

Image Reveal B

Ooooo this week looks promising .

Putting your feelings into words will create a sense of new beginnings

A weight will feel lifted

It’s time to move away from the past and devise a new plan to get you to your next life journey.

Your opinion counts so make it known !

Image Reveal C

This week is chance to see your dreams turn into realities

Look ahead to future goals and set a clear focus.

But don’t be in a rush

Take your time and enjoy the journey x

All will become clear as some area of mind fog lifts

You are a special person with honest intentions

Your path feels firm enough to hold all your dreams and desires

So take those first steps and the rest will follow x

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