Reveal A

Whilst somewhat beautiful this image feels small in the great scheme of things

Maybe you’ve had a period where you you felt left out or unappreciated by those around you

Communication feels like an issue that needs resolving

A need to express your feelings so you don’t feel second best or get used as an after thought

Like seasons change I feel you need to shed people around you that no longer serve your purpose

Feel strong enough to stand up for yourself and be counted for the beauty you are x x

Reveal B

Gloom and doom have been around you recently and a fading hope that things will turn out ok

Obstacles seem to stand in front of you

Almost testing you to see how hard you will try to resolve your situation

A bridge is useful if it leads some where other wise it’s just extra work to get over holding you back from future plans delaying the inevitable

It’s surpassable with determination

You just need to focus your mind with stillness and look for a positive in your future to anchor on to

Then you will find you path becomes clear and happiness awaits x

Reveal C

A little financial worry presents itself with this image , maybe your trying to live beyond your means or maybe not enough to go round either way a little restraint and prioritising need to be implemented

There will be way out you just need to dig deep

Take some time out to enjoy the things around you

And help make better the people’s lives you touch

You have the experience you need to overcome what haunts you

You just need the right motivation x

Don’t be too hard on yourself just find your way to path that feels right for you x

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