Card Reveal A

This image carries the feeling of someone who has encountered so many up and downs they have got sadly used to the ride ,

And now feel sure that’s the way life is supposed to be.

However the uplifting aspect of this image radiates peaceful times are ahead

A chance to create new happier times full of growth peace and possible prosperity

Clarity should also become present , making decisions easier to make with situations around you x

Take a deep breath and allow peace into your life x x

Card Reveal B

This image holds within it comfort cosy and homely instincts

Meaning if you chose this card on the outside you look like your coping and all is sweet , when really you are barely completing what’s expected of you ,

Feeling pulled in different directions and unclear of what lays ahead

But just remember you are the pin that holds so many others together

And yes at times this role is demanding and tiring but can be heart warming and rewarding

It’s simply how you choose to look at your situation

Family is at your heart whether living or in Spirit and this gives your heart reason to beat x

Embrace your crazy life and enjoy the ride x

Card Reveal C

At first appearing calm and collected this image tells me that your feelings are been kept in check , only showing when needed , you are very guarded when it comes to people around you

You like to feel connected socially but on your terms

You like things to look right so are often worried about others opinions

If you really look inside yourself you will see that your strive for perfection or to be liked taints the real you leaving people only seeing the polished version

Maybe you don’t get the offer of help because you never show you need it ?

It’s ok to want better for yourself but don’t sacrifice the real you along the way x

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