Image a

If you were drawn to image a I feel you need to bring some order into your life, I feel there are a million things that need to be done and although you may usually be pretty good at organising and keeping structure in your life I feel that things are not how you would usually like them or there are outside influences that are stopping you or holding you back from being as organised as you would normally be. I feel there has been a situation that has really knocked you for six and the order/routine that you would normally crave is a little out of balance. Try and piece it back together one step at a time, you will get back to where you need be. I also want to bring some healing and uplifting energies your way to help with a situation around you. You are stronger than you know, don’t give up the fight. 💜

Image b

If you were drawn to image b I feel you are someone that has many interests and you like to mix with a lot of different people, I feel you’re an extremely outgoing person with a wonderful bubbly personality. I feel you are not afraid to speak your mind but I do feel there has been occasions in the past where you have given your opinion and it hasn’t been received well. Please don’t let this deter you from speaking out, your opinion is valued, sometimes a negative attitude can hinder the better judgment of some people. You have strong values and I feel your voice needs to be heard for all the right reasons. Don’t ever stop being you and speaking out for what you believe in or what you feel is right, I feel an opportunity is on the horizon for you x

Image c

If image c is where you were drawn, your strength knows no ends! No matter how many times you have been knocked down or you feel like you have hit rock bottom, you pick yourself back up, dust yourself off and you are ready for the next battle. Although this image shows a lot of strength it also shows someone who is ready for a break in this run of bad luck which you have had to endure. I feel luck is on your side at the moment so what ever plans, thoughts or ideas you have had, go for it. Whether it be applying for a new job, doing new training or going it alone, you can do it! The most important thing to remember is we make our own good luck, remain with the positive outlook and who knows what you can achieve x

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