Image Reveal A

Remember the past Live in the Present and give hope to the future .... this image reminds you that we are mere mortals finding our way the best we can through life ...

clear cut and straight to the point is advised for you this week ... See things for what they truly are and set your goals accordingly

Harmony awaits you , the power of 3 gives you strength To continue .... x x

Image Reveal B

Tradition is key to your heart this week , tried and tested ways that have gone before still serve your purpose now.

Reflection on life’s adventures can bring forward magical memory moments to be enjoyed ...Sticking to what you know is important this week as new ways may bring different outcomes and change

It seems that you feel a little overwhelming at present ... sit back enjoy some carols and just be you x x

Image Reveal C

Stop and consider your options before continuing to the point of no return !

Seems some people around you are not what they seem and yet you are still the same niave person you always were

Always warm and welcoming helping others yet suffering the silent struggle inside ... your week needs to see you come in from the cold and start to feel the warmth real friendships and families can give ... only one thing stands in your way ... You x x

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