Image Reveal A Rising above issues is difficult , however if you have a goal to aim towards it will give you a reason , a drive , and you can see progress even if only small steps can be taken Take a deep breath and realise that having your head in the clouds helps you to see that elevating your hopes and dreams keeps you positive and on the right track Keep your head held high You got this !! 👊🏻 Image Reveal B Dream a little dream with me ... setting the scene and visualising a tranquil peaceful happy existence is only a thought away As the sun sets allow the day’s negativity to set with it Clearing the way for a beautiful dawn full of hope and inspiration The light always follows the dark to remind us even dark times can be illuminated Your life needs colourful adventures , making memories that last a life time All that’s required is your positive outlook Allow yourself enjoyment in the smallest things you deserve it x Image Reveal C Count to 10 and breathe .... times must of really been tough of late It feels like every aspect of your life needs chasing after ... or does it ? Who are you trying to please at the risk of hurting yourself Do not allow anyone to take away your dreams of a better time Look at your future and if you don’t like what you see , now is the time to change it ! A clearer vision awaits you Do not allow others to stand in your way x

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