Reveal image A

This image took me a while to link into as I feel if you chose this image time is not really relevant

Same thing different day etc

Memories keep you going and you seem to miss the life you once had ...

often you feel discarded and isolated from your feelings

A numbness has taken place of a once feeling and emotional heart

However you must remember that because you have memories you must of been blessed with lovely people and great times within your life ... and that’s the reason we carry on to help others in our life to be able to have the same x x

Reveal image B

This image allows us to look at our present and how sometimes we get stuck in a rut of simply let time pass is by

In reality life like time constantly changes and if we remain the same we will be left behind

Nostalgic feelings of comfort resonate within this image

A safe and secure feel is needed by you at present , a feeling a hope that all will be ok

Take hold of your thoughts and make sure they are realistic

Then the journey ahead will feel as if it’s meant to be not forced x

Feel at ease with your self and what follows will be meant to be x

Image Reveal C

This image reminds us that the time is now to remain grounded and focus on what life holds for us

A clear vision and time line is a start to making your reality a vision

Do not let yourself get side tracked and waste valuable time debating and worrying

Take the time to make changes nessarcary to enhancing your future

Let go of the things that no longer serve you and embrace the fact that change can be good x

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