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This week will highlight some life lessons that should of been learned already

Keeping people in the dark is not an option

The truth will always prevail

Try to see the positive in each situation this week

Think outside the box

And make sure you don’t repeat past mistakes x

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This week begs you to reflect on the life you want to create for yourself

The future seems somewhat unclear , adjust your focus and bring into vision your hopes and dreams

Then all that’s left is to push your limits and and eliminate boundaries

The art of meaningful communication is important to help soothe someone close around you x x

Image Reveal C

An emotional week lays ahead , maybe thinking about memories past or worrying of what is yet to come , each avenue bringing uncertainty

There is strength in numbers

Perhaps try to be around family or good friends

As a problem halved is a problem shared

Bringing light and positivity in to your aura will illuminate the dark areas and help to uplift your overall mood x x

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