Image Reveal A

This week looks set to include lots of memories

Maybe a good catch up with a family member or friend to reminisce with is the key to unlocking some past mysteries

Nothings really how we remember it now and maybe revisiting some past hurts or dreams will help you to re evaluate your present.

Find your inner child and express yourself x

Image Reveal B

Everything looks fabulous with colour!

Take the yellow for up liftment Allowing someone peace of mind

The pink for a nurturing love , whether that’s for yourself or towards others and the purples for Spirit , that of your own and your departed loved ones

It’s good to know that all these together make a beautiful and harmonious image

Let all the colours influence your week to bring out the best in you and life this week x

Image Reveal C

So much Spirit love is present around you.

Your soul must be calling out for attention

Spirit hear this call and are gathered around you.

Watch for subtle influences and guidance

Maybe in dreams or just that knowing feeling inside

If it feels right that go with it .

Allow your mind to find the peace your heart desires x

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