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This seems like a week of revelations , that feeling when the penny drops and you become aware of what was in front of you all along.

This gift of clarity will help you to sort the weeds from your friend garden.

Your passion to help often gets mis interpreted and ends up hurting you however it’s in your nature to nurture so never be put off x x

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Don’t hide yourself away due to low confidence , you are feeling a tad fragile and vulnerable of late however

That’s ok as you have people around you that you can rely on.

Let your ideas shine and allow your inner self to enjoy the attention it may bring.

Feel the freedom by allowing the fear to subside.

This world can be so beautiful if the people like the wonder you are , are allowed to shine x

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Blurred lines will make this coming week seem hard to negotiate , however remember the truth will always prevail

The innocent word spoken that gets taken out of context is often a reflection of there mind not yours,

Group ganging up mentality means that some are unable to think freely for themselves and prefer to follow the mass

Always be yourself and your conscience will remain clear.

If you whisper your thoughts to spirit , they are listening , they hear you

And best of all they support you x

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