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This week watch for standing out in a crowd ...your opinion counts and will be asked for.

Somethings you are very passionate about and will stand alone to prove a point .

Watch as your confidence grows with every conversation.

You know what’s right and stick to it x

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This weeks sees you joining forces in a united effort to get things done!

2 hands are better one when it comes to psychical work and sometimes 2 minds are better than one for problem solving.

Caring is sharing so whether it’s someone needing you or you needing someone , working together will give the right outcome x

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This week you may feel a little lonely with your own thoughts. However it’s a good time to use for self growth .

Dismiss the shadows and look towards the beautiful sky , embrace life be unique choose to be individual in your thinking.

Warmth and compassion will return to you , allow it in x x

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