Image Reveal A

Oh what a beautiful morning oh what a beautiful day 🌷🌷🌷

This image shows everything that’s right with the world ... Filled with beautiful colours of hope and inspiration

Breathe in that fresh air and exhale out all the negativity you have stored

Allow the cool still waters of the lakes reflect back to you all that you give out

You have climbed your mountains in the past , and now it’s time to appreciate how far you have come

Look out for those blue skies ahead

Feel the peace and enjoy the community around you

Good things are coming 😇

Image Reveal B

Well well looks like change is happening and I suggest going with the flow

Find yourself doing something you enjoy and look forward to

This image is all about finding fun in such a bland world

When did we stop exploring possibilities

I can sense something will draw on your impulses and you will take the plunge 😁

Use your energy in a productive way

Remembering to set yourself achievable goals

Have fun go barefoot on the grass join in with others

Life is for living !!!

Image Reveal C

Have you heard the saying

We are all different yet still the same ?

Our life choices and paths make us who we are today

The way we communicate ourselves to others is important

First impressions do count

There the doorway to finding out more about one another

I feel a very reflective mood around you at present

Maybe you judged someone wrong

Maybe they judged you wrong ?

But I feel this is more about how you perceive yourself and how you want others to see you

If you come across as strong and independent don’t blame others for not offering to help

Mixed messages bring a whole heap of emotional drama with them

On reflection we can’t change the past , but we can make different choices today that will benefit tommorrow

Try just being yourself

Stand proud of what you are

And remember reflection is good if we learn lessons from it x x

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