Image Reveal A

This card represents holding together in a time of misunderstanding , allowing the dark skies to pass to reveal a brighter day

Too often it’s easier to panic and let go, this card advises that bringing your nearest and dearest closer at this time is advised

Communication is key to keeping life together

Take a stand and put family first, let’s others look out for themselves for a while.

Image Reveal B

This week will see a surge in your awareness, notice the subtle differences in how you feel

Listen to your gut instincts they will serve you well

Knowledge to a situation around you is vital

Watch as you evolve from a dark time into one of questions and note how you FEEL the answers

This is very good card to have as it means something very close will be revealed

Image Reveal C

Choosing this card means that you have felt a little low of late and are in need of some TLC

People have drained your reserves leaving you running on empty

Please know Spirit are present watching over you at this time

Take a step back and realise you are only one person

Listen to your heart and soul, they need to replenish and then you will start to feel complete once again.

Self esteem is vital to your inner journey .... Empower yourself

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