Image Reveal A

This is feels like you like your life as a never ending story

So many twists and turns and there seems no signs of this letting up

Life’s been hard and at some points very lonely

Leaving you feeling like it’s hard work just to get through the day

Good news is that better calmer more serene times are on the horizon

It’s a bout the long haul and making sure you pace yourself

Limited energy holds us back mainly but to prioritise makes sense

The message is keep going bright horizons ahead

Image Reveal B

This image feels like you are at a point in time where there are decisions to made and a degree of risk attached

Communication seems the key

Someone heard you but didn’t listen pretending that there end goal matched yours

Then you realise that was never the case

It’s ok to be different in relationships , friendships etc as long as that’s a mutual understanding

Things that have been hidden will now come to light to be exposed so that a clear picture and decision can formed

The message is don’t rush to make a decision let things take there natural course as all will be revealed soon x

Image Reveal C

Wowzers this image indicates you are ready to create an impact , you’ve been gathering momentum and now is the time to put those ideas and thoughts into practice ,

The past has often hindered you but it’s time to face the future , and see the bigger life picture

Keep Your future happiness in sight as that’s your goal to aim for

Releasing steam will help but not at others more with yourself

We all make mistakes but then it’s up to us to push to make things right x

The message is life can seem dull and grey but If we muster up our strength to power forward great things will happen x

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