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This week watch where you consider your future possibilities

A lot of thought needs to go into how you prepare for what is yet to come

Highlight the goals and dreams and make them your priority

Low confidence has held you back but bit by bit your turn will come to shine again

Enjoy the present tranquility and remain grounded whilst your higher self aligns you to your future path x x

Image Reveal B All that glitters may not be gold. Watch out this week as someone or something looks too good to be true ! Look behind the false front and truly see the situation for what it really is. People tell you what you want to hear , not what you really need to know Feeling alone in a crowded room is not always a bad thing Listen to your inner voice that tells you people are not what they seem Then at least you won’t always be disappointed x Image Reveal C This week there seems to be a loneliness around you , a feeling of isolation A feeling of being near to all you wish for but yet so far from realising the dream All roads lead to home this week A time to concentrate on what makes you happy Stop living in the shadows of others and allow that beautiful gentle side of you emerge Happier times will come , create your own path to fulfilment Head up and keep going You got this 👊🏻

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