Image Reveal A Your soul is calling out for calm It wishes to reconnect to your heart & Mind To become one .... Imagine the candles in your minds eye and watches the flame flicker and dance before settling down to illuminate the water that surrounds it. This is where your healing begins ...

Allow your whole body to relax and allow the soothing colour of blues to inhibit your aura Give way to a few moments of you time ...

Ask that your path path be illuminated so your soul can rest easy for a while x x Image Reveal B So truly spiritual... Your mind seeks answers to all questions of a spiritual nature , you realise that time has passed so quickly and your mind feels cluttered ... Close your eyes and embrace the tranquility in this image ... Pull close the purples and take to heart the beautiful pinks ... Help to heal hurt of the heart , wether that be from grief relationships families etc Enjoy a little time connecting to your spiritual side and ask the questions that you need , allow your mind to feel the answers .. reflect on the good life has to offer x x Image Reveal C You are a child of the universe and your soul is weary Spirit have wrapped you in a bubble until you are strong once again , The loneliness you feel is temp and will serve a purpose in time yet to come The be truly spiritual and enlighten is to be able to be at one with your own spirit Take your mind to heavenly place and ask that your fears be calmed , your mind eased and life to be blessed Use the tones of browns for grounding , and the gold to remember your worth Rest a while you are in spirits hands x x

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