Card Reveal A

Such a beautiful vibrant colour tinged with delicate tones , This image brings forward a sense of vulnerability whilst trying to stand proud ,

A beautiful quality to process as not every issue in life requires brute force

Giving off a gentle persona yet holding together all you hold dear gives us hope and allows positivity to radiate even in the most trying of times

Being known as someone who is sensitive to others needs is admirable but knowing when to allow them to then take control of there own situations is vital

Otherwise you allow them to lean too heavy which is never a good thing

Be an enabler allowing others around you to soak up your radiance and use it as inspiration to progress on there own path

If you chose this image the message is simply learn when to let go x

Card Reveal B

Wow passionate and not afraid to stand alone in a crowd is the powerful presence you eminate

Often feeling lonely but pushing on regardless is a clear indicator of strength in adversity

Often being around many people leading a busy hectic life would give the image of a socialite

However quiet times to self absorb and contemplate is vital

This will enable you to remain objective yet powerful with confidence in your own right

Often not taking the grey area into consideration could be a downfall as not every thing is black / white

Maybe bring in some powerful colours to your life will bring back the zest

Watch for a return of passion that then boosts your journey

If you chose this image the message is know when to stand out from the crowd and when it’s ok to blend in and take away the daily pressure of being the focus to so many x

Card Reveal C

How beautiful is this rose ??

This rose projects an amazing image of openness and wondrous awe

This is what people around you have come to expect from you

That little bit of wonderful that can subtlety enhance anyone’s day

Just by a conversation or message or even smile you could brighten up there day

Standing up for what you believe and proving that adversity can be overcome is overwhelming present in this image

You are a presence that is happy in your own right

Having overcome ugly and harsh life issues you are now hardy and resist the temptation to become involved in others dramas

Choosing to stand up and make your life count is vital at this point

With all you have over come and still have the ability to shine you are testament that even when your life starts out crap you can still come up smelling of ROSES

It’s your choice x x

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