Image A

The person who chose this card believes in core values , believes in equality in all relationships

On reflection this person has known love and been loved

A calm and caring attitude comes forward when you are shown a little attention

A dedication to creating peace and warmth with in family life x

The ability to stay afloat in times of conflict and stress

This image for some means beautiful memories of times gone by with the knowledge we will see our loved ones again x x

Image 2

Wow easy tiger .... represented in this image is an independence , a strong willed person who likes to make an impact

Sometimes rocky relationships teach us to be more savvy in future but sometimes people do not no when to let go for there own benefit

Very much a reflective yet dynamic aspect to this image

Someone who is passionate yet volatile ...

Never really have a plan but winging it through ...

maybe it’s time to preserve energy and concentrate on the now

Image 3

Mixed feelings with this image

On one hand a very caring and mutually beneficial feeling , yet somehow can’t help but feel some of you feel a little stifled with the complacency of others around you

Always feeling not quite up to standard

Yet putting on a united front for others to see

Peaceful yet feeling crushed on some level by past events and trying hard to maintain normality

But being in a relationship is all you know or believe is right

However I do believe that a more settled feeling will soon present itself x

Stay strong and believe in yourself x

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