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Don’t bite the hand that feeds you , this saying feels relevant with someone around you.

You feel like you give give give and others just take .

This needs some adjustment , a balance

As then you won’t hold in as much resentment.

Life is all about being grateful and accepting each other’s ways . But never let people take advantage of your good nature x

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Sometimes just been straight talking is the way to clear the air.

A real decent conversation about feelings and obstacles that prevent you moving forward.

Then. A healing process can begin, a few well chosen words can pave the start of a new journey ,

May that be together or solo . At least you tried x x

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Birds of a feather stick together.

How nice is it to have someone you can rely on through life’s epic journey.

To have a friend you need to be a friend ... is there someone who you have been meaning to ring ?

Take the time to show you care x

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