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So many questions but only limited answers

Everything this week seems just a little far fetched and hard to focus on

Past events come back in to mind

Present events need sorting and future is hard to bring into perspective

Give yourself a mental break it tough times and sometimes the hardest thing to do is allow yourself some time to relax .... The time is now x

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Sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference

Create a calm environment and place yourself in the hands of peace ... feeling isolated and alone is a thought not a reality

Just remember people around you need your guidance as to the idea and when to step forward and help ... for now try to feel the moment x x

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Play me a tune ... use this time to listen to your favourites and maybe those that have memories connected to loved ones in spirit

Keeping yourself uplifted is a priority this week and what better way than turning up the volume 👍

Choose an era and let the good times roll ... empowering yourself is the key to getting through this week x

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