Psychic reveal 27.01.20

Image Reveal A How wonderful life is when you are in the world ❤️ This image gives a cool crisp and very reflective end to January ... It seems you have had time to rethink your life plans and now the best plan of action is to take a very calm approach as we go into Feb Time is a great healer and remember to factor in happiness when you are evaluating your next move x Still waters run deep , don’t rush take time to get it right x x Image Reveal B It seems you are in need of clarity ... Maybe an epiphany is what Feb holds ? That wake up call you have been wanting is on its way Seeing the wood for the trees has been your hardest lesson in Jan but now with lessons learned and mind set your New Year can really begin x x Image Reveal C Letting the sunset after a dispute or argument so you can wake up to a new day and new way of thinking is advised. Anything said in the heat of the moment can’t always be trusted. Think before you speak as it’s hard to take back the emotion words cause. Sit back and just watch the world go by for a while. Let nature take its course and let your intuition guide your decisions. Remember to take off the pressure What ever will be will be x

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