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This week watch were messages from the past catch up with us.

Everything may have been lovely and calm and quiet but there was always a chance an issue from the past would come up.

Don’t get caught out make sure you are open and honest about your feelings

Your past made you who you are today x x

Use your illuminated self to make choices in future and learn from past mistakes

Then once again calm will be restored x

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Wow ... This week sees you soaking up positivity through colours and nature.

No matter how bad the weather take a step outside and breath out any negativity.

Fill your space with colour

Find out spiritually what your fav colour means for you right now x

Find a positive in each day and remember to tell those you hold dear how much value they bring to you x x

Here’s to a great week 🧡

Image Reveal C

Maybe this week is time for some goodbyes

Some for the best and some not by choice.

Each one hurts just a little bit more than the last.

Maybe you haven’t felt in sync of late it’s time to address that.

Take the time you need to hurt or grieve but it’s not a place you want remain in.

Imagine your fears and allow them to be carried away on the wings of a bird

Feel your load lighten

Try some soothing music to help return you to the very present.

As this is where you need be right now x x

Try pause a while 😇

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